A downloadable asset pack

Part One of my Overgrowth assets.

Free to use in your games!

I've been out of the game for sometime ...because you know..life, but lets get back into it! 

Please let me know if this asset interests you or not and leave any feedback on how I can improve as an artist and a content provider.

Please enjoy!

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Tags2D, bushes, overgrowth, pixel, Pixel Art, trees, Unity


Overgrowth_pt1.png 5 kB


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These are really cool! I'm not creating a game, but I am creating an online webcomic that features pixel art at random points. Would this be free to use for that purpose? (just extra for the scenery)

Hi there! sorry for the late reply, but yes you are more than welcome to use it for your online webcomic :) 

would love to see it as well!